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Springing into Summer

Hey Folks,

    The school year in Tennessee has finished up. I had fun teaching in East Tennessee State University's Bluegrass, Old Time, and Country Music Program while also furthering my work as a storyteller. I enjoyed working with the Overmountain Victory Trail Association as well as the National Park Service to do performances and workshops.

    I will be traveling back and forth a lot this summer between north and south. I'm happy to be doing some nice gigs in Michigan, including the Tall Ships Festival and the Eve Glen McDonough Folk School. I will also be doing a Michigan Tunes workshop at Midwest Banjo Camp, and I hope to have as much fun as last year and more. I'm always excited to hear about more potential bookings, all of which are adventures. Let me know!

     Tonight, Will MacMorran (Of the Celtic rock band 7Nations) and I will be playing a dinner concert in Kingsport, Tennessee, and then it will be to the road for me shortly to enjoy a bit of travel and R&R. 

Happy Springing into Summer


Resurrection, Springtime, and a Playlist

Well, by my counts, it is officially Spring! Happy Easter to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ! If it weren't for Jesus' sacrifice and resurrection, verified in my life through healings and freedom, I would probably not be getting to share my music, stories, and life with you all.  Thank You, Jesus, for giving me freedom, joy, and so much peace! He is risen! He's alive! And with Him I live!

There is now a YouTube Playlist of videos of my favorite videos of me playing music.  To go to the whole playlist to select from the videos, go here:


Or if you'd rather watch them all in a row, click below. 

Some reviews from the beginning of 2013.

Folks! The schedule for 2013 is getting longer and will get a lot longer still. Make sure to send me an e-mail with any dates you want to reserve for your events. Below are some recent reviews.

"Trae McMaken offers his audience a virtuoso performance on fiddle and guitar as well as drawing them into stories that entertain and challenge. Everything about his performance pleases, but watching and listening to his fiddling is the greatest delight. He has our highest recommendation."

First Broad Street UMC, Kingsport, Tennessee - Wednesday Nighter on Jan 9, 2013.

"Communication prior to the performance is a strength since Trae quickly responded to all emails. He arrived early for the performance and stayed late in order to talk with attendees. The performance was excellent."

Netherland Inn/Exchange Place Association Annual Meeting, 2013.