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What they're saying . . .

I got to read this in the The Voice newspaper today, though it was from October 3rd:

Corn roast brought community together

      China Township held its annual Corn Roast Sept. 8 for its residents who were treated to something very special by way of entertainment: a fiddler. Residents were notified of the event by way of a newsletter. Sheer brilliance of style, executed in the most authentic, creative and passionate way possible, all in the persona of such a young man: Trae McMaken.

     Hometown grown in the heart of China Township, Trae's "performance," actually his story telling art, transformed the ordinary into extraordinary. 

     From his telling of the "golden field" behind his boyhood home, to the beautiful "Belle" river that flows throughout the township of China, to the origination of the naming of Puttygut Road, which traverses the township (all done in song and fiddle).

     Spellbound, yet foot stomping, our residents were entertained by fiddle, banjo and acoustic guitar; left breathless in a state of remembering while Trae concluded with "Amazing Grace" that the fiddle intoned to resemble the bagpipes' melancholy notes. To God Be the Glory.

     Thank you, Trae. On behalf of our whole township and the recreation committee:

   Linda Schweihofer, Supervisor, China Township.

Happy October 1st!

Someone took this video of me demonstrating/playing for a fiddle club yesterday at Quaker Meadows in North Carolina. It was Revolutionary War Days. I was dressed up as an 18th century hunter and settler for my work as a storyteller with the Overmountain Victory Trail Association and the Overmountain Victory Trail National Historic Park. The tune is Reel du Pendu, a French Canadian tune.

Article in the Voice

The local news source, The Voice, for Macomb and St. Clair Counties, Michigan, has done a nice article on me, inspired by my recent China Township Corn Roast performance. Check it out HERE.

In addition, there are lots of new performances being listed on the schedule page, so make sure to keep up with where I'll be fiddling and storytelling.