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Springtime Fiddling


Well, it was over 60 degrees here in China Township, today. Besides enjoying a walk in the soggy woods and a short bareback ride on a horse, I recorded some old fiddle tunes on a webcam. These are pretty rare tunes today. They all come from Michigan fiddlers in three different parts of the state. I thought I'd post this video here for the amusement of those who may come by.


It's (just about) March: New Press Kit and Gearing Up for Summer

Well, March is nearly here and I'm gearing up for a summer traveling and performing in Michigan.

Today, I finished off a new press kit which I will be sending out. Click here to view.

I'm also working on a creative book project which will hopefully be released in time for summer shows, so keep tuned.

That all said, it is still the end of February and I've got plenty of winter and spring events happening. There's a contra dance tomorrow, a dance on St. Paddy's Day, and I'm hosting an Appalachian jam party for the Arthur Morgan School of North Carolina, among other things. Keep up to date through my schedule page.



Winter 2012 News, Schedule, Dances, Weather . . .

Well, the winter of 2012 is flying by. I've been up to some fun musical adventures and working on my own creative endeavors.  Besides working as a solo performer, these days I'm playing with Joseph Sobol as our duo "Lift"  and with Fred Park and Amythyst Phillips as "The Burning Desire String Band." Both groups will be performing before too long, so check out some wintertime 2012 updates to the schedule. In the Tennessee mountains, the weather has been quite mild, depriving my northern heart of the beauty of snow but being very kind to my firewood supply.

For those wondering why I'm still in Tennessee after having finished my master's degree studies in traditional music, storytelling, and regionalism, I'm happy to announce that for the winter term of this year I will be teaching old-time fiddle and banjo as an adjunct professor at East Tennessee State University. This means that I will be remaining in East Tennessee for the winter and spring, but I will be back in Michigan for the summer months and hope to play some good music there, too.