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Summer Tour Highlights by Photo

This summer's tour was one of the most fun tours I have ever been on. What a whirl of performances! From the beginning of June to the middle of August, I performed somewhere around 35-40 times for a variety of events. A number of events involved multiple performances.  Below are some photos from tour, but there are many more and I hate to leave any places and performances out, but if I didn't this post would be too long. For more photos of tour, visit http://www.facebook.com/traemcmaken/


I had fun performing at the Cumberland Gap National Historic Park campground, one of five performances I gave for the Boone Society, the Friends of the Cumberland Gap, and the Cumberland Gap National Historic Park.


This is a photo of Jim Boynton, Danny Johnston, and me performing on Beaver Island. Performing with older fiddlers like Danny and Jim is alwaysa pleasure. 


After a fiddle workshop I taught in Red Deer cabin at the Eve Glen McDonough Folk School, my young fiddler students explore the pathway.


This is a photo of a square dance I fiddled for on Mackinac Island, Michigan.


Performing at Ogontz Camp for the Country Dance and Song Society's family week was a blast. I love fiddling for dances. The hall was amazing, and here is a shot during a dance from behind the backdrop constructed of branches. 


I performed at the Great Lakes Folk Festival seven times, three solo sets, a banjo showcase, a fiddle showcase, and sat in with Bob Bernard and a couple tunes with Danny and Danny. This is a shot from one of my solo sets.

There were many more performances and I hate to leave any out. For more photos, visit my facebook at http://www.facebook.com/traemcmaken/

Summer tour!

Summer tour is going great and full of adventures. Check out the Facebook page for regular updates on our location and shows!


Review from first gig of the summer tour!

Here's a review from my first gig of summer tour so that folks know what to expect!

"I think sharing the historical and cultural information on this area was of great benefit. I especially enjoyed hearing the 'old' languages that began in the area. I applaud Trae McMaken for his expertise and ability to convey the rich heritage in an interesting and thought-provoking manner."

 "Trae McMaken is a storyteller and fiddler extraordinaire. His linguistic and musical skills help to demonstrate a time in history that would be lost without his work. Thank you Trae for sharing the stories of the Yadkin Valley with Yadkin Riverkeeper."

-- Judi Rossabi, Yadkin Riverkeeper Family Fun Day at W. Kerr Scott Reservoir, June 7, 2014